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Air Burners, LLC

Company Name: Air Burners, LLC
Country: USA
Adress: Sales Dept. 4390 Cargo Way Palm City-Florida
ZIP: 34990
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Air Burners, LLC (until early 2001, a Division of Whitton Technology, Inc.) is the Number One manufacturer of Air Curtain Incineration Systems in the world. We hold the patents on air curtain burners, and for 40 years we have been building the best and most rugged machines in the industry. Our units employ very high temperatures that safely and efficiently reduce wood and other vegetative waste to a residual ash. Air Burners' systems are typically used worldwide in the construction industry to support land clearing operations and demolition debris removal, for forest fire mitigation efforts and at landfill sites to help reduce the reliance on costly landfills by reducing wood waste and similar such waste streams. They are also used in disaster recovery for clearing the aftermath from storm or flood damage, and to dispose of (diseased) animal carcasses, including BSE, foot-and-mouth disease or CWD affected carcasses. They play a very important role in many contingency plans dealing with bio-security and catastrophic animal emergencies throughout the world. All of the systems we manufacture are either mobile or portable. The T-Series (T-400 and T-200) trench burner is trailer mounted and requires an earthen trench or pit. The T-Series units have been designed for easy mobilization and set-up. We have designed and build the machine to withstand the rigors of typical construction site work. The skid-mounted S-Series machines are self-contained with a refractory lined fire box. They are designed for field use or semi-stationary placement. The refractory lined fire box allows for more controlled burns without the need for an earthen pit or trench. The S-Series units are loaded over the top. The twin doors at the rear of the machine allow for ash removal or the unit can be dragged on its skids around the site, leaving the residual ash behind. The fire box has no bottom. The custom fan is powered either by a Diesel engine or an electric motor. Air Burners, LLC factory is in Palm City, Florida (North of West Palm Beach) with offices in Europe. This allows us to quickly and economically service a worldwide market. Our engineering staff uses the latest 3D CAD software for our equipment designs. We can quickly accommodate changes to support our customers' particular requirements. The employees of Air Burners are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of design and manufacturing that has made us the recognized leader in air curtain burner equipment and technology.

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